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[Digital] Lighting & Rendering
By Jeremy Birn
Copyright © 2000
New Riders Publishing
Digital Lighting & Rendering

Digital Lighting & Rendering

Errata, Notes, and Updates

As of November 19, 2000.

p.10 A few of the type-in URLs from the margin notes have caused people trouble, apparently because they are case-sensitive. Click GrayScale.gif for a direct link.

p.111 If you need a direct link: Train.mov.

p.227 Click here for a new on-line tutorial which fleshes out the comment about correcting overall brightness and color shifts by mixing your map with an inverted and blurred copy of itself.

p.244 An incredulous reader asked me if Figure 9.64 was "just an illustration" - As stated, no texture mapping was used, it really is an unretouched Mental Ray rendering and all dots really are photons added by the global illumination. I intentionally increased the photon radius to make them visible. Normally, photons are smaller and in used in higher quantities to reduce blotchiness, as in Figure 9.65, where the bounced photons smoothly shade the walls.

p.249 If you need a direct link: bluedoor.mov.

p.272 I mentioned that you could get reflective mirror balls sold as lawn ornaments or security camera housings. The one I was using was a 10 Inch Glass Gazing Ball (click here for a picture) from the garden center at Target in Manhattan Beach, CA - note in the picture that there's a knob at one end of the glass balls, which isn't there on the more expensive metal ones. If you don't need balls as big as mine, you could just use a christmas tree ornament for experiments.

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[Digital] Lighting & Rendering, by Jeremy Birn, Copyright © 2000 New Riders Publishing.