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NURBANA is a CD-ROM of high-quality NURBS models for professional production use.

The NURBANA CD-ROM includes a full seamless NURBS human, a variety of human heads showcasing different designs and modeling techniques, and an assortment of other NURBS creature models and body parts.  NURBANA models are rights-cleared for unlimited production use, and are included in Alias wire, Maya, Softimage 3D, Rhinoceros, and IGES formats.

Body Parts
The parts you can pull from NURBANA are a kit-basher's dream - the human torso is a cutting-edge example of what can be done sculpting a single NURBS surface, and the detailed toes (right) file will be useful if any character needs to be adapted to go barefoot.  NURBANA's two ear models are real time-savers: one is painstakingly sculpted into a section of a continuous grid (left), which is ideal for merging into a unified surface, and the other is a more conventional radial model (right), which is ideal for blending.

NOTE: Click any model on this page for a high-resolution wireframe in a new window.

Torso from 3 angles (top), Both Ear Designs (lower left), Toes (lower right).

Full NURBS Human
The NURBANA Collection features one of the most beautifully designed, realistic NURBS humans ever created.  This inspirational model was constructed using the latest NURBS Surface Continuity techniques.  The seamless geometry and the sculptural form of the body are both cutting-edge work that will help raise the quality of any production.

Woman model viewed in Softimage (above) and Maya (below.)

NURBS Head Models
The NURBANA Collection also includes a collection of separate head models, showcasing a variety of designs and multiple construction techniques.

The most versatile and easy-to-animate type of NURBS head is built out of a continuous surface, radiating from the mouth.  The beautiful head model above is built entirely out of one NURBS surface: a tube with one end opened at the mouth, and the other end opening to form the neck.  The continuous mouth-to-neck construction means that there are never any continuity problems with any kind of shape animation, texturing, displacement, or rendering techniques.  This model is included as-shown in the NURBANA Collection, and also in a simplified version with fewer iso-params.  Both are valuable starting-points for designing animated characters.

The extraordinary sculptural appearance of this NURBS head is no accident - the artist, Amy Medford, is a classically trained sculptor, who had 15 years of professional experience working in traditional media before she turned to computer graphics.  Two of Amy Medford's finest computer graphics creations are included in the NURBANA collection, both a single-surface male head (right) and a beautiful female torso shown above.

This is the world-famous model from the 3dRender.com NURBS Head Modeling Tutorial!  It is all one surface, including the ears.  Over the past three years, there have been many requests to examine it, offers to buy it, and thousands of visits per week to the tutorial on building it, and yet Jeremy Birn has never before made the model itself available to anyone.  Now you can own it as a part of NURBANA.

NURBS Continuity Heads
In addition to the 3 single-surface heads shown above, NURBANA also includes 2 head designs that demonstrate advanced NURBS Surface Continuity modeling.  This realistic head is seamless, detailed, and efficiently built, using intelligent Surface Continuity strategies that are explained in the enclosed documentation and tutorials.  (Thicker lines in the shaded view denote edges of individual NURBS surfaces - you can click the model to see a high-resolution wireframe in a new window.)

Bonus NURBS Creature Models
NURBANA's rhino model is a terrific demonstration of seamless multi-surface NURBS modeling.  These 3 creatures were built by Denis Samoilov.

Democratic Pricing!
Other companies charge much more for a full NURBS human, even if theirs is not as realistic, versatile, and well-built as the NURBS human in NURBANA.  The NURBANA Collection, including an extraordinary NURBS human, extra heads and other models, is democratically priced at only $250.  Order today from our On-Line Catalog.

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