Page 11 Modeling a Mountain Bike: Accessories

There are more accessories to model! Revolve the screw curves shown below.

Select the curves shown below, and make a ‘Sweep 1 Rail’.

Make the handle by revolving the curve shown below. Do the same for the button in the end of the handle. Use Object Snap ‘End’.

In the Top viewport, select the handle and the button. Mirror the surfaces, using Object Snap ‘Mid.’

To create the rear light, select the curves shown below and repeat the steps used to complete the pedals: Go 'Surface/Rail revolve, and select the profile curve followed by the path curve. Use Object Snap 'End' on while setting the start and end of the revolve axis.

Select the three curves and do a 'Sweep 2 Rails' with default options.

Now make a new layer called ‘Details-1.’ Then use ‘Edit/Select/All/Surfaces’ to select all surfaces. Then use 'Edit/Select/All/Polysurfaces' to select Polysurfaces as well. Then move the selected objects into this layer.