Page 34 Modeling a Mountain Bike: Almost Done!

Make the ‘Curves-5’ layer the only one visible.

Perform a ‘Sweep 1 Rail’ with the pair of curves selected below:

Make a ‘Revolve’ out of the curve selected here:

Extrude the curve shown below, with a distance of 0.7 and 'Cap’ set to ‘Yes’. Fillet between the cap surfaces and the extruded one with a fillet radius of 0.05.

Extrude each of the selected curves below towards the center between them. Use a distance value of 0.03 for the lower one and –0.03 for the one above. Cap here as well.

Patch all 3 curves below and use a span count of 2 in both directions.

Show the other layers again, and join together the three patch surfaces from the previous step together with the lofted one shown below.

Finally there are surfaces you need to mirror. Select the surfaces shown in the two figures below, and mirror them to the other side.