Page 5 Modeling a Mountain Bike: Finishing The Frame

In order to Mirror the two rear frames, the first thing to do is activate the Object Snap ‘Cen’ in the osnap dialog box shown below. This will make the pointer snap to the center of surfaces close by.

In the Top viewport, select the rear frames and start the 'Mirror’ command. Snap to the center of any of the surrounding frames, then hold Shift (for straight lines) and drag to the left, and click the left mouse button.

Now would be a good time to organize your work with layers. Layers are used in order to provide better control over the objects in the scene, as well as to accelerate your display by optionally turning off unneeded layers.

Because the curves won’t be of use any longer, it would be good idea to move them to an inactive layer. Go to ’Edit/Layers/Edit...' The ’Edit Layers’ panel is displayed, as shown below. Click the ’New’ button, and name the new layer ’Curves-1’. Select ’Off’ to have them invisible in the viewports, and click OK.

To change all the curves to the new layer, go to ’Edit/Select/All/Curves’ to select all the curves. Then use ’Edit/Layers/Change Object Layer’. Select the ’Curves-1’ layer and hit OK as shown below. The curves should now disappear from the viewports.

Your model should now look similar to the sample file ’Bike1.3dm.' Be sure to save your work before continuing.