Page 12 Modeling a Sailboat: Finish up the hull

Turn on the layer annotate4, turn on the 'End' osnap, and turn on 'Planar'. Use the InterpCrv command to draw a 3 point curve between the points labelled (1) and (2) below. Position the middle point on the center axis, slightly above the height of the end points.

Turn on the transom layer. From the right view, Project (Curves/From Objects/Project) the curve you just drew onto the plane from the transom layer. Hide the transom layer.

Select the source curve from the previous projection and ChangeLayer it to the transom layer.

Hide the Keel, and draw a curve between the points labelled (3) and (4) below, to connect the the bottom of the hull sections.

Hit EdgeSrf (Surface/Edge Curves), and select the four curves that make the transom as shown below.

The hull is now complete.

Optional: There are other approaches possible to building a hull. For example, you could continue to smooth the hull by using SrfMerge (Surface/Edit Tools/Merge) between the sides and the transom. Click here if you want to see some other interesting approaches to modeling hulls.