Page 14 Modeling a Sailboat: Rails

Go to the top view and zoom in on one of the stern corners.Select the stern rail and hit ExtractIsoparm 'Direction=V' and extract an isoparm from the stern rail where it meets the side rail. Extract an isoparm from the side rail the same way as shown below.

Split off the ends of the rails with the extracted isoparm and Emerge (Analyze/Edge_Tools/Merge Edge) the edges.

Check out Options/Units and make the 'Absolute tolerance' 0.1.

NOTE: The Absolute tolerance is an important adjustment that can influence the quality and the efficiency of your models. If you set the absolute tolerance to a higher number, such as 0.5, then the higher number would actually produce a lesser degree of accuracy, and the edges might not be perfectly fitted together. Conversely, if you were to make the tolerance too exacting, for example by using a setting of 0.01, it could create an unnecessarily dense surface. As a general rule of thumb, you will often find it most efficient to use a higher number for the absolute tolerance when building fillets, and use a lower number when creating blends.

Delete the small ends of the rail and also delete the curves that were used for splitting.

Blend between the two rails: be sure to flip one the directions by entering F, and clicking on one of the points.

Hit Show, zoom in on the bow, and use the Split command. When prompted to 'Select objects to split,' pick one of the two rails. When prompted for the cutting object, select the keel.

Repeat on the other rail.

The rails are now complete. Be sure to save your work before continuing.