Page 15 Modeling a Sailboat: Deck

Save your file and merge the b7.3dm file or open boat7.3dm

The red line below shows the edge of the deck, which is where the rub rails go. Rub rails are lower exterior rails that serve as a sort of side bumper for boats.

Turn on the 'picture frames' layer and replace the sections.jpg with the side.jpg using PlaceBackgroundBitmap (View/Background Bitmap/Place) and then turn off the layer.

Turn on layer 'annotate5' and trace over the #1 curve in the background image and trim it off at the hull ends.

NOTE: The curve #1 in the background image may be difficult to see, because several areas of the curve are poorly reproduced on the blueprints. This curve runs down the middle of the boat (from the top view) and forms the crown or curvature of the deck.

Note: Line #2 is the same line we made earlier and forms the edge of the deck from where we jumped ahead in the backbone construction section. Refer to the blue line shown below.

Trace over the #2 curve and Trim it off at the hull ends.

Project it to both hull sides.

Select the three curves and Loft with normal and 'Rebuild with 8 control points' as shown below.

Save your work