Page 16 Modeling a Sailboat: Rub Rails

Rub Rail

The red line below indicates the location where a protective "rub rail" will be built.

Select the Pipe (Solid/Pipe) command, click on the edge of the deck and use a value of 1.5 for both the beginning and end radius.

A boat could actually look this way, but the pipe currently ends rather abruptly at the bow stem. As an alternative to the first method, you could Dupedge the side of the deck and Extend (Curve/Extend/Extend Curve) the curve until the pipe ends inside the bow stem.

NOTE: Capped pipes can create a lot of mesh geometry if the cap is joined to the pipe. If you are exporting the boat as a mesh, explode the pipes first, but don't delete the caps.

Create a new layer with the name 'rails' and ChangeLayer the rub rails to that layer.

Save your work. The hull and deck are complete.