Page 17 Modeling a Sailboat: Deck Detail / Cabins


Save your file and merge the b8.3dm file or open boat8.3dm. The file b8.3dm contains many of the curves used to create the deck detail objects on the 'deck details' layer, and are there for reference or use at any time.

The red lines shown below indicate the cabins going by the plans.

Draw rectangles around the cabins, and on the left-hand cabin turn on CV's and Scale1D (Transform/Scale/Scale 1-D) the left most points towards the center. Explode (Edit/Explode) both the rectangles and Fillet (Curve/Fillet) the corners with a 'Radius' of 4.

From the perspective view hit Split the deck with the filleted rectangles.

NOTE: The curves don't actually have to be on the deck surface to get a Split. Projection from the construction plane is automatic, so since the CPlane in the Perspective view is the same as the Top view you can split the deck with the curves from the perspective view as shown below.