Page 18 Modeling a Sailboat: Deck Detail / Cabins

Important Note: It is necessary to ShrinkTrimmedSrf (Surface/Edit Tools/Shrink Trimmed Surface) the cutout part of the surface before you ExtrudeSrf (Solid/Extrude Surface) them up to the height of the rail. To see what ShrinkTrimmedSrf does, select the cabin top and control points PtsOn, notice that the control points go all the way out to the edge of the deck, defining a larger surface than is needed. Turn off the points, use ShrinkTrimmedSrf, and note that the geometry will be cleaner and less likely to give you bad objects (SelBadObjects) after filleting.

Select the trimmed deck surfaces and ExtrudeSrf (Solid/Extrude Surface) with 'Cap=Yes' option and drag them up to the height of the rail.

Explode the new cabins and Delete the bottom surfaces.

Select the cabins and the deck and hit JoinSrf.

Hit FilletEdge (Solid/Fillet Edge) the tops with a 'Radius' of 3.

Hit FilletSrf (Surface/Fillet) where the cabins meet the deck with a 'Radius' of 3.

Note: To check for mistakes, hit SelectBadObjects (Analyze/Diagnostics/Select Bad Objects) after making fillets.

Put a Pipe (Solid/Pipe) on the lower edge of the fillets with a 1 'Diameter' shown below.

Select the cabin rails and ChangeLayer them to the 'rails' layer.

Save your work.