Page 19 Modeling a Sailboat: Deck Detail / Rudder

Modeling the rudder may be difficult because of the tight corners, which can sometimes create bad geometry when used in conjunction with a fillet.

In the front view, zoom in on the rudder and trace over the background curve indicated by the red line above. Use a PolyLine for most of the curves, an InterpCrv for the left curve, and then use Fillet with a radius of 2 on the sharp corners.

Extrude (Surface/Extrude/Straight) with the 'Cap=Yes' and 'BothSides' option activated and type in 2, which will give a thickness of 4.

Note: If you don't see a cap option, it means that the original rudder curves you made did not snap to each other's ends to form a enclosed area. Check the curve corners to see if they meet exactly end to end.

FilletEdge the rudder with a 'Radius' of 1.5.