Page 2 Modeling a Sailboat: Hull shape

NOTE: The following steps will rotate all the curves to the same side of the boat, in order to distribute them down the length of the hull and prepare for a loft command that will surface the hull.

Select the 6 curves that form the rear of the boat, shown selected below. Turn on the 'end' osnap. With the perspective view active, hit Rotate3d (Transform/Rotate3d), select the top and bottom of the centerline, and enter -90 degrees. In the front, view drag the curves to your left by 2 grid squares.

NOTE: This will prevent them from overlapping with the front curves, which you need to rotate them around. Select the other curves, which represent the front of the boat, and rotate them by (positive) 90 degrees. Result shown below.

Save your file and continue with the curves you have (or open boat2.3dm)

Maximize the front view and turn on layer 'divide'.

Draw a curve from 10 to 0, which is the approximate length of the hull. Select the curve and use the divide command curve/point/divide curve by/number of segments. Enter 10 when prompted for 'Number of segments'. This puts 9 points evenly spaced down the length of the hull.

In the perspective view, select the curve marked (1) below. Switch to the front view, hold down the Shift key (temporarily activating 'ortho' mode), and drag the curve horizontally to position it underneath the point labelled (1) below. NOTE: If you need to check your work at this point, turn on the layer named 'sample'.

Continue distributing the remaining curves by moving each curve into alignment below its correspondingly numbered point, as shown below, and your results should resemble the image below..

Don't forget that you have two lines close to, or on top of, each other at section 5 and 6. Delete 'sample' layer as well the annotate layers if you don't need them.