Page 22 Modeling a Sailboat: Deck Detail / Stern posts

Draw a PolyLine tracing over the background to make a line as shown below.

NOTE: There isn't much of the stern post showing in the back ground image but there is a reference curve on the 'deck curves' layer.

Extrude the curve with 'Cap=Yes' and 'Bothsides' options a 'Distance' of 2.5.

Hit FilletEdge with a 'Radius' of 1 and select all the top and side edges of the stern post with a window selection going from right to left as shown below and hit Enter to execute the command.

From the top view and with temporary Ortho on (Shift key), drag the 'stern post' to be in line with the stern post in the background image as shown in progress below.

With the 'stern post' still selected, Mirror the post from the top or right view using the center of the boat as the reflection axis.