Page 24 Modeling a Sailboat: Deck Detail / Stacks

From the front view and draw a PolyLine that is the shape of the deflector but squared up and without the fillets as shown below.

Fillet the line with a 'Radius' of 2 and with the 'Join=Yes' options. Shown below.

Split the rounded rectangle and Delete outer surface.

ShrinkTrimmedSrf the new deflector.

Delete the extrusion curves and the splitting surface so that all is left is the stack pipe and the deflector as shown below.

Copy the stack and drag the copy to the right while in the front view and from the top view drag it to the upper left hand area of the right cabin a little lower than what the background image plan calls for. As shown below

In the front view drag the copied stack down about ½ grid to place it according to the background image.

BooleanUnion the stacks going through the cabin tops. If you have any problems with the Boolean use the Dir command to make sure the normals are pointing outwards.

Optional: BooleanUnion the trim rails going around the cabins to the cabin.

Hit ExtractSrf and select the deck. The deck will get a different material, which will be covered later.