Page 26 Modeling a Sailboat: Deck Detail / Anchor Winches

Overview: There are larger Winches across the bow that can raise anchors, or raise fishing nets on some boats. Usually winches of these proportions have some ribs on them for better grip.

On the 'deck curves' layer locate the curves shown below.

NOTE: The following steps are necessary to optimize these overlapping curves before they are extruded to make the 'ribbed' winch.

Turn on 'Int' osnap. Make a curve going through outer intersections of the circles as shown below.

Trim the inner circles with the new curve as the cutting object.

Join the curves together and Extrude 'Cap=No' with an extrusion 'Distance' of -35.

Turn GridSnap (s) on and with the new extrusion selected hit Scale2d use the the 'Copy' option and select the center of the ribs. At the 'scale factor' prompt type .85 enter and then hit Esc. This will create 2-winch ribs, 1 for each winch, one smaller than the other. Shown below.

Select the outer ribs and in the top view drag the ribs to the opposite side of the boat so that you have the result shown below.

Draw or select the curve from the 'deck curves' layer shown above.

SrfRev the curve with the axis being the center of the ribs. Mirror the 'SrfRev' object across the center of the boat.

Fillet the edges of the large outer rings shown below with a 1 'Radius'.

The anchor winches are complete.