Page 28 Modeling a Sailboat: Deck Detail / Sprit

The sprit is shown in red below. Where the sprit goes between the 2 sprit posts, it is square, but the sprit tapers to a circle before it passes the bow stem. You can use booleans like a lathe, to round the corners of the rectangular shaft.

Turn on the Layer 'picture frames' and replace the the image side.jpg with sails.jpg, using the larger picture frame as a guide.

In the front view, with the snap setting still at 2.5, start tracing a Rectangle at the upper left corner of the sprit as shown in the background and dragging the rectangle to the end of the sprit. There are a couple of points on the 'deck curves' layer that can be 'Point' osnaped to. Click the lower right corner of the rectangle three snaps down to complete the rectangle as shown below.

Extrude (Surface/Extrude/Straight) the rectangle with 'Cap=Yes' and 'Both sides' active, a 'Distance' of 3.75 (which is half of the height.)

NOTE: The sprit is still just a square piece of lumber, and needs to be cylindrical and tapered towards the end. One way to do this is to make a curve as shown below and revolve it to make a clylindrical pipe that can then be Boolean-differenced to leave a tapered end. This curve is critical: inspect the curve on the 'deck curves' Layer for reference.

Make a curve that starts past the end of the sprit (1) that you just made, about a quarter of the way down. End it so that it is flush with the top of the post, just after the bow stem (2).

With 'End' osnap on start another curve from the end of the previous curve, that gently sweeps upwards, and end it at location (3).

Start a PolyLine that that goes from that curve, straight outwards, and then back to the start of the first curve at location (4).

Draw a curve from location (4) to location (1).

Select and Join all four curves together. Zoom in on the right end of the post.

With the 'deck curves' layer on and 'Point' osnap turned on, SrfRev the newly joined curve with the axis being center of the post and the axis running horizontally holding shift down for temporary ortho as shown below.

BooleanDifference the outer cylinder from the inner post selecting the inner post first.

Copy the result and move the copy up out of the way, this extra sprit can be used later for the mast. Rotate the original to conform to the background and drag it off center from the top view