Page 29 Modeling a Sailboat: Deck Detail / Sprit Brace

Overview: The sprit brace shown circled in red below holds the 'sprit' to the stem post.

With the sprit hidden, there is a reference circle that shows where the sprit will pass through at the bow stem shown highlighted below. Draw a Rectangle in the position indicated by the selected rectangle.

Explode the rectangle.

Hit Arc and start the Arc by 'Mid' osnapping to the mid point of the vertical curve indicated by the 'Mid' annotation above and 'End' osnap to the top end of the same curve and finish the arc at the bottom of the same curve as shown below. Delete the curve that you used 'Mid' osnap with and Join the remaining 4 curves.

Extrude the newly joined curves a distance of 5 and FilletEdge the resulting object and drag it into place from the front view.

Select the anchor winch posts, cabins, main winch post and winch and ChangeLayer them to a new layer named 'deck details'. Also make a new layer named 'masts' and ChangeLayer the copy of the sprit to that layer. Add some color to the layers you have remaining.

And that's it for the deck detail.

Be sure to save out your work.