Page 30 Modeling a Sailboat: Rigging / Masts

Overview: The hull and deck are done and the masts and the rigging will be covered in the following 'Rigging' section. First thing to cover is the masts.


Save your file and merge the b9.3dm file or open boat9.3dm.

Select the copy of the sprit on the mast layer and Copy and Rotate the mast 90 degrees and place it over the background mast from the top and from the side view make sure it goes just below deck.

Explode the mast and select the top part and show control points PtOn. Select the top 3 rows of control points and drag them up so you have the correct height indicated by the arrow shown below.

Turn off control points with PtOff and select the top part of the mast again and JoinSrf. With the mast still selected, Copy it and drag the base of the new copy to where the base of the top mast according to the background image as shown below.

Notice that there's a little flair at the base of the top mast that needs to be trimmed off. Put an ExtractIsoparm just above the flair in the U direction and Trim off the flair. ShrinkTrimmedSrf the result.

In the top view Scale2d the top mast down just a little by eye or type in .8

Copy the top mast and drag it over and Rotate it to be in line with the third, and last mast that is called a 'gaff' which holds up the main sail shown highlighted below.