Page 34 Modeling a Sailboat: Rigging / Sails

You can either use the curves on the 'sail curves' layer or turn off the 'sails' layer and follow the tutorial.

With the front view Maximized trace over the three 'stays' as shown above. Now remember that the sprit is not on the center of the CPlane but the mast is. One way to approach this is to put some Points where you want the lines to end and use 'Point' Osnap to draw the lines.

For the right hand side of the two fore sails, you need to use the command Line and should put the 'Near' osnap on to make sure the front part of the sail line up with the 'stays' as shown below.

Use InterpCrv for tracing over the other sail lines shown below. You'll have to toggle the 'End' snap off and on to make sure that the corners of the sail connect but turn 'End' snap off so that you don't snag onto some other geometry for the other curves. If you don't have a hotkey setup for locking and unlocking persistent osnap now would be a good time. I use the 'alias' 'f' (short for freeze) to toggle 'Lock' Persistent Osnap. See Help/Modeling Aids/Shortcuts/Aliases for information as to how to set up alias keys.

After you trace all four sails from the background image, select the curves shown highlighted below and Rebuild them with a point count of 4 except for the two long lines that hold the sail to the boat. This will keep the sail geometry as simple as possible.

On the two foresails hit EdgeSrf and pick the right hand (longest edge, but not the 'stay') of the sail first and then the other two to finish the triangle. Order is important for this operation. EdgeSrf the other foresail. Below is the finished sail with PtOn.

On the top sail select the top most edge first.

On the mainsail, because it is a four sided surface, it doesn't matter which edge you pick first. We'll put some shape into the sails, but before rotating the sails, it would be better to finish off the rigging first.

NOTE: We don't want to Rotate the main and top sail until we finish the block and tackle that hooks up to it, but we can add shape and Rotate the foresails sails as follows.

Select the foresail and show control points PtOn and select the four control points shown above.

In the right view make sure osnaps are off and gridsnap is on and move the cv about 6 snaps or 15 units. Go back to the front view and move the control points about the same distance to the right. Repeat the same procedure with the other foresail.