Page 36 Modeling a Sailboat: Rigging / Deadeyes and Lanyards

Save your file and turn on the layer 'dead eye sample'.

Overview: The deadeyes are ellipsoid-like fat pancakes as shown above. The lanyards are the three ropes that hold them together. The lower deadeye is strapped to the hull and the upper deadeye connects to a 'stay', which are lines that hold up the mast. We'll use an ellipsoid for the deadeye and PolyLines for the lanyards and stays, which we will later turn into pipes.

Let's make the deadeyes, lanyards, and straps in the area of the view, which has no other geometry.

From the front view make an Ellipse that has is first axis about 3.5 units in the second axis of 3.5 and 1.5 for the 3d axis. Select the ellipse and Copy and drag 16 units straight down using the shift key as a temporary ortho.

Use the Line command to make the lanyards that connect the two deadeyes with the middle line a little longer than the two side lines.

Make pipes Pipe from the lines with a 1 unit 'Diameter' and from the side view move them to the left until they're showing just outside the deadeye.

Select the deadeye and lanyards and drag them into position from the front view to be in line with the mast and that the lower deadeye is just above the rail.

Make a strap to hold the lower deadeye to the hull using a Rectangle and Extrude from the front view and in the side view center it to the deadeye.

In the right view Copy all that we just made; deadeye, lanyards and strap (we'll call this the 'assembly') and move it into a position so the strap is lined up to the outside of the hull.

From the front view and with the 'assembly' still selected Copy and drag to the left to roughly line up with the deadeye assembly in the background bitmap.

Copy again and repeat as above to get the third deadeye assembly and move it roughly into position according to the background bitmap to get the result shown below.