Page 37 Modeling a Sailboat: Rigging / Deadeyes and Lanyards

Go to the spreaders and select one of the end caps and go to Analyze/Mass Properties/Area Centroid, which will put a point in the middle, do the same for the opposite cap.

Select the lower mast brace that is between the spreaders and hit AreaCentroid shown below.

Note: We are going to use these points to create the stays that hold up the mast and get the correct angle of the deadeyes.

Select all the deadeyes and lanyards and hide them but leave the straps. With 'Mid' osnap on, place a point at the end of the straps as shown below.

With all the views open, right click and drag to tumble the perspective view so that you are looking rather steeply down at the deck with the ends of the straps and spreaders are in view.

With only 'Point' osnap on, connect the forward strap with a Line to the point at the end of the spreader. Connect the center strap to the point at the center of the spreaders.

Connect the last strap to the point of the center of the spreaders as shown below.

In the front view select the deadeyes and lanyards of the middle assembly and Rotate them to be lined up with the new line with the base point of the rotation to be the point at the top of the strap in the right and front views.

This completes the deadeye assembly.