Page 38 Modeling a Sailboat: Rigging / Blocks

Overview: Now we need blocks and lines to hoist and trim (adjust) the sails. The reason why we kept the main and top sails on the centerline is so that when the sails are rotated the blocks and lines will all rotate with it, and less troublesome to line up.

You can either use the 'sail curves' layer curves or create your own and reference the sail curves layer. I'll just explain how to use the sails curves layer.

On the sail curves layer select the rounded rectangle shown below and Extrude it with the 'Caps = Yes' and 'Bothsides' option a distance of 2.

FilletEdge the block with a 'Radius' of 1.


Hit Copy, drag and Rotate the block to where you see them in the background image in the area of the topsail (a total of four). Make one more copy and drag it down to lower left hand corner of the main sail for use later.