Page 39 Modeling a Sailboat: Rigging / Lines and Stays

Overview: The ropes that adjust the sails are know as 'lines' or as the 'running rigging.' The 'stays' are known as the 'standing rigging' which hold up the mast. These are all going to get a 1 unit diameter pipe.

Use the Pipe command with the 'Cap=No' option to make pipes from the selected curves highlighted with a 'Diameter' of 1, one at a time. The mast color is changed for more clarity.

There is also a couple of bars that loop across the deck that need a to be piped with a 'Diameter' of 2.5. Shown selected below.

Overview: These bars hold the blocks that hold the running rigging which is attached to the lower back corner of the sails and slide across the deck when tacking the boat.

In the front view, select the topsail, mainsail, the topsail blocks and lines and the gaff and the gaff jaws. Shown selected below, and hit Rotate3D. With the 'Point' osnap on, select the point at the top of the top mast, and for the second reference point drag down with Shift for temp ortho and click and enter in 7 for the angle.