Page 4 Modeling a Sailboat: Hull shape

Save your file or open boat4.3dm

Select the bow curve (the curve highlighted below)

Rebuild (Curve/Edit_Tools/Rebuild) the bow curve with 12 points.

With the bow curve still selected, from the right view drag it to the left one snap (or -2.5 units.)

Overview: we need to keep the bottom and front edge of the hull 2.5 units away from the centerline to allow for the backbone of the boat to go down the center of the boat. This will be gone into in greater detail on Page 7.

From the right view, select the station curves and Rebuild them (using Curve/Edit_Tools/Rebuild) with 12 points. Select the station curves (1 through 10 below) and show CV's PtsOn (edit/point editing/Control Points On).

You now have the basic curves that you will need in order to shape the hull. However, they still need to be "tuned up" before they can be lofted to create a smooth hull surface.