Page 41 Modeling a Sailboat: Rigging / Lines and Stays

Another detail you may want to add is to Copy the 'main winch' and drag, Scale and Rotate it to place it on top of one or both of the 'anchor winch posts' as shown below.

Hit SelCrv and hit Delete or ChangeLayer them to a new layer and do the same with the points SelPt.

There's one final detail, and that is the ribs that run down inside of the rail. Turn on the 'ArraySrf' layer and hit SelLayer and select the 'ArraySrf' layer and with the perspective view active hit Zoom Selected 'ZS'. Shown below.

With 'End' osnap on, select the rib and hit ArraySrf. When prompted for the 'Base point for arrayed objects:' select the upper end of the red curve and when prompted for 'Reference normal for arrayed objects:' pick the other end of the line and when prompted to 'Select surface to array along:' select hull side. When prompted for 'Number of elements in surface u direction' type 20 and when prompted for 'Number of elements in surface v direction' type 2.

NOTE: if the ribs array themselves on the wrong side of the hull, Undo the ArraySrf and flip the direction of the surface normals of the far side of the hull only, using the Dir command and repeat the ArraySrf command as described above.

There are also some posts arrayed at the bottom of the hull so you will need to select them and delete them.

You can SelLayer the ribs and Mirror them to the other side but if you aren't going to show a view from the other side I wouldn't bother. Result shown below.

Congratulations, you're done modeling this sail boat.

If you went through this tutorial without following the Option links, you might want to check out some of the other possiblities at your leisure.

To best present your boat model with realistic lighting and textures, you can check out the Lighting and Rendering section of the Options index page which will give you the results shown on the first page of the tutorial.