Page 5 Modeling a Sailboat: Hull shape

Select the bottom two control points of each of the section curves shown below, and the bottom 5 of the transom curve, using Lasso. From the left view, turn on grid snap 's', and hit SetPt (with only Y checked off), then drag the points by -2.5.

Check out the top view and notice how the ends of the curves are not lining up with the middle of the background image rail (indicated by the red line below). To get a better visual reference turn the 'End' osnap on, and draw a InterpCrv connecting the top ends of the 'section' curves with a curve going the length of the boat.

In the top view, select any curve that does not go all the way to the red line above, which marks a location in the middle of the rail. Scale1D the curves into place, being sure to snap the 'Origin point' to the end that is closest to the center line.

At this point you can continue with the tutorial or read the Optional Notes about 'visualizing the hull' surface and curves to check for errors.