Page 7 Modeling a Sailboat: Backbone

Save your file and merge the b5.3dm file or open boat5.3dm

Together, the bow stem, the keel, and the stern post, shown above in red, form something like a "backbone" for the boat. The backbone area is a 5 unit wide center piece from the top view, and basically holds the boat sides and stern together. (Backbone is not technically a boat term, but it is a useful description. The timber used to make these three parts are also referred to as deadwood.)

Hit SelCrv and delete all of the curves, or make a layer and ChangeLayer the curves into the new layer. Finally, hide the hull surface.

Trace over the backbone (shown as a red line in the image below) referencing the arrows on the layer 'annotate3'. There is also a sample curve to use (or just to inspect for reference) on layer 'keel sample'.

Use InterpCrv to trace over the background image curve indicated in blue below . This is just a temporary deck curve to be used for alignment in building the backbone.

Hit Show to show the hull.