Page 1 Modeling a Sailboat: Lighting and Rendering

Open boat10.3dm.

Before you tumble the camera view highlight the view name camera and go to the View/Set View/Named Views/Save and accept the name Camera. This is so that if the view gets moved you can come back to the same view by using View/Set View/Named Views/Restore

Turn off the 'lights' layer for now. Select the two curves from the front view and hit Extrude with the Bothsides option and extrude it beyond the outsides of the hull observing from the top view. Shown below.0

Select the hull and transom and hit JoinSrf.

Hit Split and select a hull as the object to split and the 1 of the extrusion surfaces as the cutting object and then hit Split again and split the hull with the other extrusion surface.

Hit Split again and split the keel both front and back with the same two planes.

Hit Split again and split the rudder as above and Delete the planes.

Window select the lower part of the hull shown below.

Hit Properties and give it a red color with the RGB of 157, 0, 0 respectively as shown below.