Page 2 Modeling a Sailboat: Lighting and Rendering

Select the stripe that is between the upper and lower hull shown highlighted below and give it a RGB of 50, 40, 165.

Select the upper part of the hull and rudder and hit Properties and give it a texture using the \boat\textures\Ashsen2.jpg image and give it a bump map using the \boat\textures\Woodgrov3.tga image. Shown highlighted below.


Hit SelLayer and select the "rails" layer give them a texture using the image \boat\textures\Ashwood.jpg

Hit ExtractSrf and select the cabin trim on both cabins, the main winch post with the extracted objects still selected add the two posts that are each side of the sprit to the selected and hit Properties and select give the objects a texture using \boat\textures\Ashwood.jpg. Shown highlighted below.


Hit ExtractSrf and select the deck and select give it a texture using \boat\textures\Ashwood.jpg.

Hit ExtractSrf and select just the smokestacks and give them a dark gray RGB 105, 105, 105 or you can hit the color swatch and use the dark gray that's 3 swatches from the top.

Hit ExtractSrf and select the top part of the main mast and select the end of the sprit. Select the 2 parts that were extracted as well as the top mast and the gaff and then hit Properties and use the Match option with just texture checked off and pick the rail as the object to match with. Shown highlighted below.