Page 2 Modeling a Brachiosaurus: Adding The Middle Curve

The outline curves of the dino are only two-dimensional. A middle curve of the dino will become the first three-dimensional cross-section curve, beginning to define the dino's side.

Make sure ‘End’ Object Snap is on when making the start of the curve at the tail end. Using only the Right view, draw a middle curve something like this:

This middle curve still needs to be pulled outwards, to gain depth along the X axis. Select the middle curve, make the CV’s (Control Vertices, also known as Control Points) visible with PtOn, and move CV’s out from the middle as shown below. (To move points in Perspective viewport in one axis, hold Shift button as you move.)

Continue the fine-tuning of the middle curve from the Top viewport. In this step you might need to add some points (’InsertKnot’ command) to get a satisfying result. When finished it should look close to this: