Page 8 Modeling a Brachiosaurus: Eyelids

There are different approaches in making eyelids. For this tutorial they will be modeled as separate parts, because the head geometry doesn’t get as dense as if you would make it out of the head surface. It will also be easier to animate.

Hide everything but the right eye: select the right eye as seen from Front viewport, use "invert" to select everything but the eye, and then use the "Hide" command.

With the ’DupEdge’ command, select the top edge of the sphere to extract a copy of it. In the Front viewport, use ’Rotate’ command with Copy option (press C and Enter during process) and make sure you have the Object Snap ’End’ on when you select the ’Center of rotation’. Rotate and copy the curve twice as shown here:

Select the 3 curves, and with the ’Loft’ command (with default parameters) skin them together to a surface. Move the curves into the ’Original curves’ layer.

Set Object Snap to ’Center’, and use the command ’Scale’. Hit C for copy, and scale the surface just somewhat larger than the original surface, to give the eyelid some thickness. Mirror the eyelid 180 degrees with Copy option, so you have a lower eyelid as well.

With the command ’BlendSrf’, select the edges as shown below.

Then join these 3 upper eyelid surfaces with ’Join’ command. Do the same for the lower eyelid. Rotate the lower eyelid:

Make all hidden objects visible with ’Show’ command. Select the eyelids surfaces, mirror those to the other eye, (use the center of the head as ’Start of mirror plane’ with the ’Near’ Object Snap) and the head is almost finished.