Assigning an often used commandscript to a Rhinoceros alias

Rhinoceros aliases can be used to make command scripts smaller by substituting a word for a whole macro or part of a macro. You find aliases under the Menubar Tools\options\aliases. It saves on typing if you are repeating a whole macro often too. This word or alias for an entire script can then become part of another script. In fact a whole script can be composed of only command aliases which are really names of complex command scripts. Usually though I would create an alias of a certain script when you create a function that is universal to all or many different macros. Then you can include that command script easily in a different command script by typing its alias instead of the whole script.

This is a great example of a commandscript that should be made into a Rhinoceros Alias because it can be included in many kinds of different commandscripts. It is universal to all commandscripts. Rhinoceros is missing one often used 3d modeling command, that is the command to select the object you last made or created. The commandscript Lastcreated performs this function.

 **Important** you must have the command Lastcreated as an alias for the following chapter and for the rest of the command scripts to run.

1. Go to the main Menubar and then click the Tools\options\aliases.

2. Click New


3. In the Alias Box Type in...
In the Command string box type in
! All Undo Invert Redo
4. click ok.

5. Create a sphere
6. Then create a curve
7. Click in the Rhinoceros workspace to make sure nothing is highlighted or pre-selected.
8. Type lastcreated at the Rhinoceros command prompt and hit the enter key. Notice it selects the last object you made or created, in this case the curve.
9. Assign the Lastcreated command to an icon if you wish.

10.  Select all and delete the contents leaving the drawing free of objects for the next mini tutorial.