Rotate copy Icons Tutorial

1. In Rhinoceros open up the transform toolbar and drag it into the Rhinoceros workspace.
2. Hold the control key down on your keyboard and left mouse click over the Rotate Icon.
3. Ok to duplicate box pops up click Ok.

4. Shift key right mouse click over one of the duplicated Rotate icons
5. In the Left button command enter...
! Rotate c
In the Right button command enter...
! Rotate3d c
Change the Tooltip to read ...
Rotate copy | Rotate 3d copy, click Ok.
6. Change the color of the icon if you wish to make the new custom icon easier to identify.

7. Click the ! InterpCrv icon

8. In the Top Viewport create a curve similar to left hand figure .
Pre-select the curve by left mouse clicking on it.
The curve should be highlighted in yellow.
*Remember* you need to select the curve first for these commandscripts to work.

9. Left mouse click the Rotate Copy icon you created

10. Click in the topViewport  near the center of the Viewport.
11. Holding the shift key down to activate ortho click to the left of the last point.
Notice that now you can rotate and copy the curve at the same time. Make some copies.
12.  Select all and delete the contents leaving the drawing free of objects for the next mini tutorial.