Scale copy Icons Tutorial

These scale copy icons function similar to the Rotate copy icons. The procedure is exactly the same as the Rotate copy icons so I will not illustrate the first four steps.

  1. Drag the Scale toolbar out into the Rhinoceros workspace.
  2. Hold the control key down on your keyboard and left mouse click over the Scale | Scale2d icon.
  3. Ok to duplicate box pops up click yes.
  4. Shift key right mouse click over the one of the duplicate Scale | Scale2d icons.
  5. In the left mouse button box (see figure below) enter...
    ! Scale c
    In the right mouse button box enter...
    ! Scale2d c
  6. Change the icons tooltip to read
    Scale copy | Scale 2d copy
  7. Click Ok.


8. Create a sphere by clicking the Sphere Icon

9. Select the sphere by left mouse clicking on it.The sphere should be highlighted in yellow.
*Remember* you need to select the sphere first for this commandscript to work.
Click the Scale copy icon you made

10. Click in the top Viewport to the left of the highlighted sphere.
Click roughly under the last point (see image to the left)
11. Create scaled copies.

Rendered image of the Scale Copy commandscript in action.
The orient, orient 3d icons all have the "c" option that you may want to customize too.

12.  Select all and delete the contents leaving the drawing free of objects for the next mini tutorial.