Toggle toolbars on/off with an Icon

Toggling toolbars on and off can be done from icons too this lets you bring up whatever toolbar arrangement you can imagine. I have kept this one simple. This icon only toggles your left modeling toolbar off. This is why. If you click the Toggle Menus Icon you just made and then toggle off your left toolbar you will have much more screen real estate for checking your model and rendering in. This setup still gives you the main toolbar so you have rendering and other options as well as the icon to click to get back your left toolbar.

1. Shift key left mouse click over the Toggle Menus icon you just created.

2. In the Rightbutton command box type or copy and paste the text below.
ToggleToolbar "Main"
3. In the Tooltips box type | Main Toolbar
4. Click Ok


Right mouse click the Toggle Menus | Main Toolbar icon. The icon turns the left hand menu off (see image below). Right mouse click the Toggle Menus | Main Toolbar icon again to restore the Main menu.