Assigning a command script to a hotkey that toggles all your toolbars on/off

Toggling toolbars on and off can be done from icons but in this case you will assign it to a Hotkey. This way you can click the Toggle menus Icon then hit the Hotkey on your keyboard with the alltoolbars off toggle and you will have one full big screen of only your beautiful model. This is great for presenting a model to someone and for moving around in the model.

1. Go to the main Menubar and then click the Tools\options\shortcut keys.

2. After the F3 hot key type in
ToggleToolbar "Main" ToggleToolbar "standard"
3. Click Ok to save settings.

4. Click the Toggle menus Icon you just created turning off all menus, see image below.


5. Now press the F3 hotkey you made. Notice how much screen real estate you have to move your model around in. The image below shows the perspective window maximized with a model present.

6. Press the F3 hotkey to bring back your toolbars
7. Click the Toggle Menus icon to bring back your toolbars.