Adding the standard Windows calculator and your Image Editing program to Rhinoceros

The word "run" tells Rhinoceros to run an external .exe file. Notice the quote symbols around the path statement. This helps Rhinoceros to read the path statement because there are spaces in it and normally Rhinoceros would then read each word as command.

1. Go to the Render Toolbar and drag it out into the Rhinoceros workspace.
2. Duplicate the icon. In the left command button box add the commandscript:
run "C:\your photoeditor here"
3. In the tooltips type Image viewer and click the Icon to launch your thumbnail viewer or photoeditor .

One thing that Rhinoceros doesn't have yet is the ability to perform math calculations or the conversions of Standard Units (like Inches to meters) from one form to another. Having quick access to a calculator helps when you need to perform conversions or math calculations.

1. Shift key right mouse click over an empty icon
2. In the left command button box add the commandscript:
run "C:\WINDOWS\calc.exe""
4. In the tooltips type
You can copy and paste the bitmap for the icon if you want to make it easier to identify.
5. Click Ok
6. Click the Calculator icon you just created to launch the Windows calculator.