Example 3- Running a commandscript using RuncommandScript

Rhinoceros does not include any command script files, so you have to provide your own.As an example to create one quickly.

1. Hold the Shift key down and mouse click over the Line icon again.

2. Copy the contents of the right mouse button command box to the Windows clipboard, by right mouse clicking, selecting all, then Copy.

3. Open the Windows Notepad application from Programs Accessories.

4. Paste the contents of the Windows clipboard into a file.
Save the file as "c:secrtedcripts\line1.txt"

6. In Rhino at the Command prompt type " ReadCommandFile" or click the read command icon.


7. The Rhino dialog box will prompt you to find your file.
Go to "c:\test1.txt"
open the file

Rhino will process the line macro.

8.  Select all and delete the contents leaving the drawing free of objects for the next mini tutorial.