Editing the Commandscript

Now that you have control over the script and it works correctly save the script as a .txt file. You can easily alter the models' parameters and create a different sized model. You could add more holes, move the holes to a different location. You could combine this with other scripts or move the block anywhere in 3d space. Notice that by just looking at the script you can see the dimensions that tell you how big your model is. The script shows the cutout diameter and its' placement on the block at a glance. You can see that by easily changing the script you would build a different model. These are the steps you would take to change the commandscript. I have already changed the complete script for you in the table at the bottom of this page

1. In Notepad change the size of the rectangle to 15.6, 21.7 and the diameter or d to 7. See the image below
2. Highlight and copy the text up to the size of the diameter. See image
3. In Rhinoceros make sure the top viewport is active
4. Click the command paste icon
5. Move the circle to it's new location if you want to edit the cutouts location.
6. Using the Analyze Point command and snap to center find the circles' location.
7. Open the command history by pressing the F2 hotkey on  your keyboard. From the command history copy the circles location to the windows clipboard. Notice in the image below in the command history the world coordinates are highlighted in blue ready to be copied to the windows clipboard. *Reminder* In Rhinoceros you cannot use the standard Windows right mouse button copy method. So how does one copy the text in the command history? Highlight the text using your mouse and then use the standard Ctrl key plus c key method to copy that text. Oddly enough as you  may have noticed Rhinoceros lets you use the standard Windows right mouse button copy method when you edit icons or use the notes function.

8. Past the circles' location into the appropriate spot in the commandscript in Notepad.
9. Select all and delete the contents in Rhinoceros.
10. Make sure topviewport is active
11. click the command paste button

Here is the complete script you can copy and paste it from here if you wish. The changes are indicated in red.
! rectangle
! Circle
! selall
! selcurve
! delete
! ZoomExtentsAll