Settings for this chapter 3

Make sure that you have the following settings:

· Copy the Secretscripts and all sub folders to c:\secretscripts\ on your hard drive. You need this exactly on your c drive to get these scripts to work.

· Set units to no units

· Set shadow offset to .2 this is because the Scale of your model effects the outcome of rendering in Rhinoceros. Because your units for these exercises are set to No units, Rhino assumes the model is really small. The default rendering setting for shadow offset in Rhino is set to .75. Shadow offset is how faraway the shadow is from the shadow casting object. In this tutorial because we are really pretending to work in meters .75 of a meter is too far away from the object to start the shadow of that object. Tighten up the tolerances by making the shadow offset smaller. Set it to.2

· Set rendering settings to jagged and faster.
Warning Do not use smooth and slower or custom for any of this final tutorial. You can use shadows best quality, antialiasing best quality when you want to get a better rendering.