Rotunda Entablature Script

The circular temple and rotunda go back to very ancient times. They probably are derived from circular arrangements of trees that were held sacred and marked the progression of the sun and heavens. There are numerous examples of temples and rotundas both ancient and modern everywhere in the world. These first Commandscripts create two temples based on the writings of the famous architect Vitruvius, the third Commandscript shows how you can further enrich and expand these basic rotunda and scripts into octagonal or many sided plans.

1. The first step is to create the dome and entablature of the Rotunda.
2. Open the file c:\tutorialscripts\circulartemples03.3dm
3. You will see the dome and the entablature curve profile already made for you.
4. Copy the command script from the left-hand column below.
Rotunda Entablature Script
! Circle
! selnone
This creates a circle for the Entablature profile to sweep around.
This is the world x,y,z coordinate center point of the circle.
Tells Rhino to draw the circle using radius.
This is world x,y,z coordinate of the radius of the circle.
This selects both curves.
This sweeps the entablature around the circle to create a 3d surface.
This completes the command.
This de-highlights the curves that were used to create the surface.

5. Maximize the Perspective viewport in Rhinoceros
6. Click the commandpaste button. This creates the Entablature and roof.

7. Quick render the Entablature. Press escape to exit quick render
9. Click undo once. This undoes the entablature creation. Click undo again. This undoes the circle that the curves were rail swept around.

You should now be back to only the original curve profile.