Using other Rhino modeling commands to create different structures.

Now instead of using sweep one rail you will create an octagonal pavilion using Polygon and Rail path.
This command script creates an octagonal temple.

**Important note**  Here you have to finish  the command by completing the dialogbox. Commands like Loft, revolve, need user input to complete. In the future I am sure that Rhino will make those commands scriptable. You can still use them but if you share them the user must be notified in some way that they have to perform some input at the end of the script.

! Merge
! Polygon
! enter

1. Copy the above text in the left-hand column.
2. In Rhino highlight the perspective viewport
3. Click the command paste icon and finish the input. This is where you have to choose first the profile curve than the radius curve.
4. Now copy the text in the left-hand column below
5. Click the Command paste icon.

! merge
! selmesh

6. Quick or full render the model

7. Close the file. When prompted to save enter no.

Here you see that by using different simple modeling commands you can build different structures with your components. Notice how easy it is to evolve parts of structures, whole structures and play out different scenarios using command scripting in Rhino.

There are many round or polygonal structures you could emulate or create by using variations of this script.
If you live in the United Kingdom there are many wonderful examples of Rotundas in British garden parks that could easily be scripted by modifying the Rotunda commandscript.  Some wonerful Rotundas and Circular temples are at...
St Paul's Walden Bury
Anglesey Abbey

Even if you don't have detailed models you can create them in the proper proportions in block or lesser form first than using commandscripting reference more detailed models latter.