Modeling the Oecus

The Oecus is the formal dining room that faces the Peristyle garden and was richly decorated. It was used mainly for special occasions and for dinning with quests. You can really get a sense of the lifestyle the Pompeians had by this facet of their architecture. Imagine banquets looking out onto the garden from your couch through magnificent architectural columns. The walls painted with scenes and illusionistic architecture. 

Here you will learn important command scripting skills that will augment what you know because it shows how to locate, place and draw objects in more depth. The most important part of the Oecus is wall facing the courtyard.

There are the 3 main ways to script the wall model:

  1. The first technique creates the entire wall using world coordinates.
  2. The second technique uses cplane coordinates.
  3. The third technique is file merged based.

This technique is world coordinate based:
You can build the complete model by using coordinates this is similar to the block manifold technique 

1. Copy the entire contents below 

! polyline
! selcurve
! PlanarSrf
! selnone

2. In Rhinoceros maximize the perspective window.
3. Click the commandpaste icon
4. The script created a simple wall with a door cutout.

5. Select all and delete the wall.