Page 10 Modeling a Tank: Turret

Zoom in on the Hexagon shown below from the perspective view. This is going to be a bolt that is going to be arrayed around the flange we just made but it needs to be Extruded first. The nice thing about Extrude is that it has some intelligence built in so that even if the object is rotated it will extrude straight out from the face of a planar curve.

Hit Extrude and drag the extrusion out a bit or type in -4.

Explode the bolt head and Delete the hidden surface and hide or delete the hex curve and then select the bolt head and hit JoinSrf. Remember: if it can't be seen, eliminate it.

Hit ArrayCrv with the bolt head selected and select the oval path that you used before when making the Loft surface and give it 15 elements.