Page 12 Modeling a Tank: Body Detail

Body Detail

Overview: To make the tank look cool we need much more detail and one way to do it is to use adaptable parts so that with a few curves you can mix and match and reuse them in different ways to make new parts. Another thing you can do is use booleans to make the job easier. One thing most tanks have is a lot of vents on them.

Open detail_curves.3dm file and save it out as detail.3dm on your local hard drive in your subdirectory called tank.

Explanation of curves: The large oval in the top view is a curve created using the Silhouette command. The Silhouette is a curve that outlines the most outward edge of an object from any view that is active. In this case it's the Silhouette of the turret from the top view. I wanted this curve so that I knew where to put the vents that are right behind the turret. The 3 rounded rectangles on the left are for the vents to be booleaned out and the rounded rectangle in the upper right is for a flat Boolean to be taken out of the tank body to make room for a sensor thingy.

Select the 3 vent outline curves and hit Extrude 'Cap=Yes' and give them about a 3 grid height in the front view.

From the front view select the three new polysurfaces and move them up so that the bottoms of the new rectangles are just above the bottom of the vent curve. Shown in progress below.

Select the vent curve from the front view and hit Extrude, use the 'BothSides' option, and extrude the curve beyond the height of the 3 polysurfaces shown in progress from the top view, in the second image below.

Copy 'InPlace' the new vent surface 2 times.