Page 13 Modeling a Tank: Body Detail

Hit BooleanDiffence and select the far vent outline object and then select one the copied vent objects as the object to subtract. It doesn't matter which one. Shown in progress below.

Note: With all boolean operations it is wise to check the direction (Dir) of the normals of the surfaces. The reason for this is bacause BooleanUnion, BooleanDifference, and BooleanIntersection all conduct their operations according to the surface normals. For instance if you had 2 spheres with both surfaces with there normals facing outwards then they would behave as their respective icons would suggest. but if one of the spheres had it's surface normals face inwards (indicated by the arrows when using Dir) then the results of BooleanUnion would act like a BooleanDifference.

Repeat the above step selecting the middle vent outline object first and then again one of the vent objects as the object to subtract.

Repeat the above step on the last vent outline object. Result shown below.

Save your file (as detail.3dm) and open the body.3dm file and select the body surface and hit Export Clipboard and re-open the details.3dm file and hit Import Clipboard. If you don't have a Export Clipboard icon or a Import Clipboard icon see the Option page below.

Option page: To build a toolbar button

BooleanDifference the 3 vent objects from the body selecting the body first to get the results shown below.

Turn on the 'side bool curves' layer. From the front view select the 3 rounded rectangles shown below and Project them to the sides of the tank body and Delete the curves from the far side.

From the front view Extrude the 3 original curves about 3 grid lengths and then drag them to go through the side of the tank. Shown in progress below.

Note: the reason we made some surface objects (shown in red) to split the side of the tank is because the tank body is make up of polysurfaces and we need a Surface to split a PolySurface, Curves won't do it.

I changed the layer colors to show the relationship between the side curves (light blue) and extrusion surfaces (red).