Page 16 Modeling a Tank: Body Detail

Hit Split and select the tank body and then the extrusion surface as the cutting edge.

Delete the extrusion and the part of the tank that the extrusion surface passed through. Result shown below.

Turn off the 'mech details' layer. Select the 2 center parts of the split and from the right side view. Scale1D them in towards the center about a scale factor of .95 which you can type in when prompted for scale factor as shown below.

Select the tank and the 2 split out parts and hit DupBorder.

Select the DupBorders that connect the inner split out piece to the tank split edges as shown below and hit Loft with the 'Automatic' option and use the 'Normal' style and 'Rebuild with 50 points' options.

Technoid Notes: In the Loft dialog box the 'Straight sections' option could have been used and then the geometry of the body and the flange just added would JoinSrf together which would mean that seams would be eliminated when rendering. In this case either way is fine. If you 'Rebuild' a curve from a surface edge then the resulting surfaces will probably not join together. On the other hand, if the option 'Straight sections' is used and the surface is exploded it will probably break up into splinter pieces but a rebuild surface will not, which could be a big advantage when you are applying materials.