Page 17 Modeling a Tank: Body Detail

Turn on the 'mech details' layer. Use the Pipe 'Cap=No' command on the 2 curves shown below with a 'Diameter' of 10. Capping pipes creates a lot of geometry when meshed in Rhino.

Select the curve shown below and hit Revolve and with 'End' osnap active revolve the curve with the axis being from one of the ends of the curve and with the shift key down, for temporary Ortho, drag a axis to the right and use the 'Exact' option

Drag the new object down from the top view so that it is half way through the tank side.

Select the curve shown below and in the front view hit Extrude and extrude it a distance of about 1 grid length. In the top view drag it down a few grids and hit Explode and Delete the back face of the object. Select the faces of the box and hit JoinSrf.

Hit FilletEdge 'Radius' of 5 and select the front edge of the box as shown below.

Drag the filleted box out to the side and drag, Copy, Rotate and Scale the copies to get them to fill in that area, indicated by the blue objects shown below.