Page 19 Modeling a Tank: Body Detail

Zoom in on the curves shown highlighted below.

From the front view select the curve shown highlighted below and hit Revolve and with the 'End' osnap on, draw a vertical axis from the left side end of the curve.

Select the rectangle shown in image at top of page, hit Array and in the top view and with 'End' osnap still on, snap to the center of the revolved curve when prompted for the 'Center of Axis' and for 'Number of Elements' enter 6

Select the 6 rectangles created from Array and hit Extrude 'Cap=Yes' and type in 30 or just drag the extrusion above the revolved object. You can Extrude these rectangles from any view as shown below.

Hit BooleanDifference and subtract the 6 boxes from the revolved object. When prompted to 'Select surface or polysurface to subtract:,' select the revolved surface and then one of the boxes and then hit enter and hit enter again to repeat for the next box. The result shown below.

And that's it for the body details.

Save out the file but leave it open.